Sarens’ Precision-Guided SPMTs Help Send State-of-the Art Naval Vessel To Sea
Sarens transports and positions 620-tonne French military vessel at ferry terminal
June 2023

When Sarens was asked to move a new 620T military vessel, we rose to the challenge and created a solution that would transport it smoothly from land to sea. The operation was executed over the course of four days on behalf of CMN Constructions Mécaniques Normandie.

Sarens deployed Kamag 2400 SPMTs and an AC100 crane for this operation, which was conducted at a ferry terminal in Cherbourg, France. The AC100 crane was used to prepare the site and assemble the SPMTs, an operation that took one full day. Next, Sarens installed the 620-tonne, 70-metre long military vessel, designed for heavy vehicle landing craft, onto two 5- and 10-axle lines of SPMT with a 14-metre spacer.

Sarens selected the equipment for this operation for its ability to masterfully move the vessel from the CMN factory to the Syncrolift lifting system at the ferry terminal, and also to successfully carry heavy loads over short distances. The crane and SPMTs were mobilised to the site via nine trucks and required one full day for rigging.

To ensure a successful operation, Sarens carefully planned every manoeuvre within the planned closure window for the main maritime boulevard. This enabled the vessel to be moved safely and securely from the factory to the ferry terminal.

The first part of the operation was executed in half a day. The naval boat was placed on adjustable cradles and onto a boat trolley. Next, so that Sarens could position it onto the SPMTs, the vessel was jacked up to a height of 1,4 metres using four 400-tonne jacks at the end of each cradle. Once the load was at the right height, two sets of 5- and 10-line SPMTs, with a 14-metre spacer in the middle, were introduced under the boat and the package was picked up by self-supporting SPMT trailers. It was now ready for transport to its final destination.

Next, with road closures in place, the SPMTs transported the vessel one kilometre through the city and across the main boulevard. The transport operation lasted about an hour: a real feat, as it was carried out without disrupting traffic in the city.

Once the vessel arrived at the Syncrolift system at the ferry terminal, Sarens positioned it precisely onto the axis of the Syncrolift rails, so that it could continue on its way by sea. CMN was able to rely on Sarens for ground transportation and the successful launch of its new military boat to sea.

Everyone on site coordinated smoothly to make this project a success. Sarens would like to thank our two SPMT operators and our project manager, Romaric Marvie, for executing an excellent operation!