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Minerals, Metal & Mining

Since the mid-2000s, Sarens has built a strong reputation in the minerals and mining industry. Today's large-scale metallurgical refineries are built by assembling process and pipe-rack modules, which are manufactured around the world on module yards and shipped by heavy cargo ships to the site location.

Sarens provides module handling and load-in services on the manufacturing yard, load-out and inland transport services, and heavy lifting and installation works on site. During project execution, Sarens provides on-site management, engineering and drawing capabilities, operators and installation teams, equipment maintenance, and spare-part logistics.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Sarens engineering, project and sales teams comprehend today's high standards in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry. With safety as the utmost goal, our specialists focus on providing efficient solutions from factory to foundation.

Whether it is a reactor of 1.300T, lifted by a crawler crane, a 1.390T splitter column of 125m in length lifted by a tower system or even the transport of a topside module of 15.000T, Sarens provides tailor-made solutions for all your heavy lifting and heavy transport needs. 

New lifting and transport techniques are being introduced by our engineering department in close cooperation with our clients. This allows us, as a team, to execute modularisation and assembly of heavier components leading to safer projects with significant cost and time savings.

Sarens has the capacity to deploy over 120 employees per project. This is one of the elements in our way of working that make us stand out in the international market. 

Civil Works

Over the last decade, Sarens has been involved in many new-built civil construction activities around the globe, providing cranes for steel assembly work and installation of complex roof structures for soccer and event stadia, as well as industrial buildings.

Soccer games generate strong emotions amongst the spectators but also at the level of the clubs, the investors and the engineers who design them. All are unique and challenge the manufacturers for innovative solutions. Sarens provides engineering support to the designers and develops liftingsolutions for the complex steel structures whether those require cranes, strand jacks, or a combination of lifting devices..

Sarens has a rich history in accelerated bridge replacement and installation technologies. In the early eighties, Sarens moved its first bridge with SPMTs. Today, an average of 70 bridge projects are executed each year using alternative rapid replacement technologies, and many more with the use of cranes.Diemen Copyright Vermelden Foto Mix

Sarens developed specialised equipment for creative and tailor-made solutions, and is able to do all design and engineering in house.

Offshore & Module Yards

Sarens has been a heavy lift partner for offshore projects for 30 years. With our wealth of experience, we are the best partner choice for offshore and module yard projects all around the globe. Our equipment and our people have the assets and skills necessary to make sure all projects are being tackled with tailor-made engineering and specialised heavy lifting.

Until now, we successfully executed more than 200 larger projects including weights up to 18.000T. During the following years, we will keep on pushing to remain the preferred heavy lift partner for our international clients, by offering the best technical solutions and performing projects in the safest and most efficient way.

General Industry

Our broad experience across all sectors makes us the ideal partner for heavy lifting and engineered transport in the general industry.

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